The Microsoft Threat Intelligence Podcast 7.3.24
Ep 22 | 7.3.24

Microsoft Live at the RSA Conference 2024

Show Notes

In this episode of the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Podcast recorded at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, host Sherrod DeGrippo engages with a diverse group of cybersecurity experts. David Weston, VP of Operating System Security at Microsoft, discusses the evolution of Windows security and the role of AI. Jamie Williams from MITRE shares insights on the importance of product functionality in cybersecurity. Emma Stewart, Chief Power Grid Scientist at Idaho National Lab, talks about securing the digital transition of the power grid. Joe Slowik from MITRE emphasizes the importance of threat intelligence and integrating cybercrime entities into their attack framework. Lindsey O'Donnell, executive editor of Decipher, highlights AI's crucial role in cybersecurity and finally, Todd Pauley, deputy CISO of the Texas Education Agency, discusses the challenges faced by small school districts in Texas.   

In this episode you’ll learn:      

  • How Windows security has transitioned from user-controlled to Microsoft-managed 
  • The importance of understanding product functionality to combat cyber threats 
  • Securing the power grid's digital transition and cloud technologies for grid control 

Some questions we ask:       

  • What challenges and opportunities arise in securing the power grid's digital transition? 
  • How does AI enhance security in Windows operating systems? 
  • What were some of the most memorable sessions you attended at RSA? 


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