Only Malware in the Building 7.2.24
Ep 2 | 7.2.24

Operation Endgame: The ultimate troll patrol.

Show Notes

Welcome in! You’ve entered, Only Malware in the Building. Join us each month to sip tea and solve mysteries about today’s most interesting threats. Your host is Selena Larson, Proofpoint intelligence analyst and host of their podcast DISCARDED. Inspired by the residents of a building in New York’s exclusive upper west side, Selena is joined by N2K Networks Dave Bittner and Rick Howard to uncover the stories behind notable cyberattacks. 

Being a security researcher is a bit like being a detective: you gather clues, analyze the evidence, and consult the experts to solve the cyber puzzle. On this episode, we talk about "Operation Endgame."

Operation Endgame is a strategy by Western law enforcement to counter Russian cybercriminals through psychological tactics. This involves creating distrust among hackers, exposing their internal communications, and dismantling their anonymity to hinder their operations. You can find more information on Operation Endgame here.

Today we look at the new tactics used to disrupt these criminals by eroding trust among them and undermining their anonymity.