Privacy Briefing

Privacy Briefing

Spoken edition of our daily Privacy Briefing, focused on incidents, techniques, tips, compliance, rights, and trends.
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Recent Episodes

Ep 448 | 10.20.21

LightBasin collects user data from telco infrastructure. Consent by contract. UPMC hacker sentenced. Ransomware hits candy company.

LightBasin activity cluster looks like telco-compromising SIGINT. Ireland's DPC draft decision would permit Facebook to obtain user consent by contract. UPMC hacker gets seven years for conspiracy to defraud the US Government and aggravated identity theft. Ransomware disrupts production at Ferrara Candy.

Ep 447 | 10.19.21

Data breaches: national, regional, and in the courts. REvil's attempted comeback. Comments on Sinclair Broadcast's response to ransomware.

Argentina's big data breach. Data breach at University Medical Center, Newark. Hospital breach lawsuit. What happened to REvil, this time around? More comment on Sinclair Broadcast's ransomware incident.

Ep 446 | 10.18.21

Data breach updates, breach litigation, and a major ransomware incident at a US media company.

The Thingiverse breach. Privacy litigation and Ring cameras. Update on the Twitch breach. Accenture's LockBit ransomware incident. Sinclair Broadcasting sustains ransomware attack.

Ep 445 | 10.15.21

Notes on Data Protection Officers. A new romance scam. Missouri teachers' data exposed.

Notes on Data Protection Officers. A new romance scam. Missouri teachers' data exposed.

Ep 444 | 10.14.21

Trends in ransomware. Account hijacking reported at cellular service. Data breaches.

Ransomware trends. Cellular accounts hijacked. COVID-19 data compromised. Albanian voters' data leaked. Acer India customer data offered for sale.

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Privacy Briefing
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