Privacy Briefing

Privacy Briefing

Spoken edition of our daily Privacy Briefing, focused on incidents, techniques, tips, compliance, rights, and trends.
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Recent Episodes

Ep 392 | 7.30.21

IP camera firmware bugs. Hancitor malware is in circulation. Reflections on the first three years of GDPR.

Estonian ID photos compromised by a hacker. Northern Ireland's COVID-19 vaccine certification system breached. Risks to prisoners with exposure of their medical information. Third-party data exposure affects healthcare system's data.

Ep 391 | 7.29.21

Ransomware's shifting brands. Data breach lawsuits. CCPA enforcement.

Ransomware rebranding? Date breach lawsuit roundup. More on CCPA enforcement.

Ep 390 | 7.28.21

A year of CCPA enforcement. Investigation of UC San Diego Health data breach.

A look at the first year of CCPA enforcement. UC San Diego Health data breach traced to compromised employee email account.

Ep 389 | 7.27.21

Limitations of post-breach privilege. XCSSET malware. Ransomware and data exposure incidents.

Forensic reports may not be privileged. Malware steals data from a wide range of apps. Florida cardiology practice sustains ransomware attack. Dutch sport fishing vendor undergoes data exposure incident.

Ep 388 | 7.26.21

Healthcare data breaches. Data of unemployed Floridians exposed. DHS IG finds data handling issues at CBP.

Healthcare data breaches: updates. Florida's Department of Economic Opportunity discloses data breach. US Homeland Security IG finds problems with Customs and Border Protection data handling.

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Privacy Briefing
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