Research Saturday

Research Saturday

Every Saturday, we sit down with cybersecurity researchers to talk shop about the latest threats, vulnerabilities, and technical discoveries.
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Recent Episodes

Ep 318 | 2.24.24

Web host havoc: Unveiling the Manic Menagerie campaign.

Assaf Dahan and Daniel Frank from Palo Alto Networks Cortex sit down with Dave to talk about their research "Manic Menagerie 2.0: The Evolution of a Highly Motivated Threat Actor." From late 2020 to late 2022, Unit 42 researchers discovered an active campaign that targeted several web hosting and IT providers in the United States and European Union. The research states "They have further deepened their foothold in victims’ environments by mass deployment of web shells, which granted them sustained access, as well as access to internal resources of the compromised websites."

Ep 317 | 2.17.24

Hackers come hopping back.

Ori David from Akamai is sharing their research "Frog4Shell — FritzFrog Botnet Adds One-Days to Its Arsenal." FritzFrog takes advantage of the fact that only internet facing applications were prioritized for Log4Shell patching and targets internal hosts, meaning that a breach of any asset in the network by FritzFrog can expose unpatched internal assets to exploitation. The research states "FritzFrog has traditionally hopped around by using SSH brute force, and has successfully compromised thousands of targets over the years as a result." Over the years Akamai has seen more than 20,000 FritzFrog attacks, and 1,500+ victims.

Ep 316 | 2.10.24

Ransomware is coming.

Jon DiMaggio, Chief Security Strategist for Analyst1, is discussing his research on "Ransomware Diaries Volume 4: Ransomed and Exposed - The Story of RansomedVC." While there is evidence to support that RansomedVC runs cybercrime operations, Jon questions the claims it made regarding the authenticity of the data it stole and the methods it used to extort victims. The research states "I uncovered sensitive information about the group's leader, Ransomed Support (also known as Impotent), relating to secrets from his past." In this episode John shares his 6 key findings after spending months engaging with the lead criminal who runs RansomedVC.

Ep 315 | 2.3.24

Weathering the internet storm.

Johannes Ullrich from SANS talking about the Internet Storm Center and how they do research. Internet Storm Center was created as a mix of manual reports submitted by security analysts during Y2K and automated firewall collection started by DShield. The research shares how SANS used their "agile honeypots" to "zoom in" on events to more effectively collect data targeting specific vulnerabilities. Internet Storm Center has been noted on three separate attacks that were observed.

Ep 314 | 1.27.24

Hooked on pirated macOS applications.

Jaron Bradley from Jamf Threat Labs is sharing their work on "Jamf Threat Labs discovers new malware embedded in pirated applications." Jamf Threat Labs has detected a series of pirated macOS applications that have been modified to communicate to attacker infrastructure. The research states "These applications are being hosted on Chinese pirating websites in order to gain victims." The discovery marks new and advanced malware, similar to the ZuRu malware, first discovered by Objective-See in 2021 within the iTerm2 application.

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Research Saturday
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