Research Saturday

Research Saturday

Every Saturday, we sit down with cybersecurity researchers to talk shop about the latest threats, vulnerabilities, and technical discoveries.
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Recent Episodes

Ep 232 | 5.14.22

Vulnerabilities in IoT devices.

Dr. May Wang, Chief Technology Officer at Palo Alto Networks, joins Dave Bittner to discuss their findings detailed in Unit 42's "Know Your Infusion Pump Vulnerabilities and Secure Your Healthcare Organization" research. Unit 42 recently set out to better understand how well hospitals and other healthcare providers are doing in securing smart infusion pumps, which are network-connected devices that deliver medications and fluids to patients. This topic is of critical concern because security lapses in these devices have the potential to put lives at risk or expose sensitive patient data. Unit 42's discovery of security gaps in three out of four infusion pumps that they reviewed highlights the need for the healthcare industry to redouble efforts to protect against known vulnerabilities, while diligently following best practices for infusion pumps and hospital networks. May walks us through Unit 42's work.

Ep 231 | 5.7.22

Vulnerabilities bring in the hackers.

Tushar Richabadas from Barracuda joins Dave Bittner to discuss their findings detailed in their "Threat Spotlight: Attacks on Log4Shell vulnerabilities." Their research shows the percentage of attackers targeting the vulnerabilities, and shows where the dips and spikes are over the course of the past couple of months. The research has also gathered where the attackers main IP addresses are located, with 83% of them located in the United States. They breakdown what this malware can do and how to protect yourself against it. They say "Due to the growing number of vulnerabilities found in web applications, it is getting progressively more complex to protect against attacks."

Ep 230 | 4.30.22

Attackers coming in from the Backdoor?

Vikram Thakur of Symantec Threat Hunter team joins Dave Bittner to discuss their work on Daxin, a new and the most advanced piece of malware researchers have seen from China-linked actors. Symantec said " There is strong evidence to suggest the malware, Backdoor.Daxin, which allows the attacker to perform various communications and data-gathering operations on the infected computer, has been used as recently as November 2021 by attackers linked to China." They go on to explain how Daxin is used to target organizations and governments of strategic interest to China and how those agencies can protect themselves. Symantec also discusses how this is the most advanced piece of malware their researchers have seen.

Ep 229 | 4.23.22

BABYSHARK is swimming again!

John Hammond from Huntress joins Dave Bittner on this episode to discuss malware known as BABYSHARK and how it is swimming out for blood once again. Huntress's research says "This activity aligns with known tradecraft attributed to North Korean threat actors targeting national security think tanks." Huntress also adds that the activity was spotted on February 16th and immediately their ThreatOps team began following the trail of breadcrumbs. They said "This led them to uncover the malware that was set to target specifically this organization–and certain influential individuals within it."

Ep 228 | 4.13.22

A fight to defend Taiwan financial institutions.

Alan Neville from Symantec/Broadcom joins Dave Bittner on this episode to discuss Antlion, a Chinese state-backed hacker group using custom backdoors to target financial institutions in Taiwan. Symantec's blog shares the research behind the attacks and how the backdoor allowed the attackers to run WMI commands remotely. Symantec's research showed that "The goal of this campaign appears to have been espionage, as we saw the attackers exfiltrating data and staging data for exfiltration from infected networks." They have since found that this attack has been going on over the course of the past 18 months, in which 250 days were spent on the financial organization and around 175 days were spent on the manufacturing organization.

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Research Saturday
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