Security Sandbox

Security Sandbox

It takes a lot to solve complex data problems securely. A sandbox is the perfect space to discover new approaches. In season two of Security Sandbox, Relativity CSO & CIO Amanda Fennell chats with guests about maximizing security's greatest asset—people—through meaningful use of technology and process, creative and compassionate education, and the conviction that there is room for taking risk in security.

Recent Episodes

Ep 20 | 10.28.22

A How-To Guide on Perfecting Your Pentesting Program

In today’s episode, the sandbox heads across the globe for a special takeover episode by Relativity's Marcin Święty and Bart Czyż, for a dialed in conversation with offensive cybersecurity and pentester-extraordinare Julio Cesar Fort, on the intricacies of modern-day pentesting and how you can elevate the everyday skills of your team members to make them excel in offensive cybersecurity techniques.

Ep 19 | 9.28.22

Moving Faster - Securely. Why Your Org Should Add Security to your DevOps Program

In today’s episode, our sandbox heads to the deployment pipeline for a conversation on the who/what/when/and why of a DevSecOps program and how it adds value to your business. And your main questions- – how you can encourage buy-in and adoption. Joining me today are Marcin Swiety, Relativity’s Senior Director of Global Security and IT, and Raphael Theberge- Director of Security Integrations. So, grab your DORA metrics, your source controls, and staging environments, and let’s dive in.

Ep 18 | 9.1.22

P/P/T and New Hire Slides - What to Expect, and How to Prepare for - a Role as CISO

In today’s episode, our sandbox heads to new hire orientation for a discussion on what to expect as a new CISO and how you can properly structure your people/process/tech to find both short and long term success at your new org. Joining me is Tyler Young, Relativity alum and current BigID CISO, and Dominik Birk, PWC's Deputy CISO of EMEA. So, dust off your welcome materials, ice breakers, and org charts, and let's dive in.

Ep 17 | 7.29.22

Perfecting the Automation Equation To Get The Most Out Of The People In Your Security Program

In today’s episode, our sandbox heads to the scripts for a simplified conversation with Louis Yeck, QLIK's CISO, and Hector Pena, Relativity's Senior Manager of Cybersecurity, on the delicate art of blending automation and analytics with the human expertise in your security program. Implemented correctly, your employees can focus on the hard challenges that level up your security program. Done incorrectly and it'll only lead to creating more problems and confusion. So, how do you leverage your people and process to best automate your tech? Where does human governance and oversight come into the equation? And is there ever an endpoint in the automation and analytics game? So, gather up your Pythons, your Javas, your C#s, and let's dive in.

Ep 16 | 7.1.22

Whose Title is it Anyways? A discussion on the role of Info Security in the C-Suite and how it impacts your tech and process

In today’s episode, our sandbox heads to the board room for a white-collar discussion with Ricardo Lafosse, Chief Information Security Officer at Kraft Heinz, and Andrew Watts, Relativity’s Chief Customer Officer – and former CIO – on the current state of the Information Security role in the C-Suite. Should it be CIO, CSO, CISO, a combination of the three? Nothing at all or something in between? And how the current perception or narrative around your specific title impacts or influences the tech and process structure and framework you put in place for your department. So, grab your executive briefs, bust out your corporate buzzwords, and let’s dive in.

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Security Sandbox
Amanda Fennell
Relativity CSO & CIO, Amanda Fennell, champions the data security of Relativity and its customers. She and her team were recognized as 2021 CSO50 award winners and received a 2021 Cybersecurity Breakthrough innovation award. Amanda was named a 2021 CISO of the Year finalist by Women in Governance, Risk and Compliance. She regularly speaks on cybersecurity topics and is an adjunct professor at Tulane University.
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