Security Sandbox 2.10.22
Ep 12 | 2.10.22

From Aware to Care: How to Get Your Employees Invested in Protecting Your Security Fortress

Show Notes

In the first episode of Season 2 of Security Sandbox, host Amanda Fennell welcomes cybersecurity evangelist, author, and host of the 8th Layer Insights podcast, Perry Carpenter. They have a nuanced conversation about how to craft a new-age security program that works better for today’s businesses and employees operating in different cultures, regions, and viewpoints. How do you bridge the psychological gap from "aware" to "care"? How do you craft trainings that are culturally relevant, empathetic, and inclusive for your employees? How do you move the needle with your awareness program internally and with key stakeholders? What is the biggest mistake first-time administrators make in creating their security program? All that and more in the first episode of the new season, which focuses on strengthening the strongest link in your security chain – people – through better tech, process, and training.

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