Security Sandbox 3.17.22
Ep 13 | 3.17.22

Building Trust in a Zero Trust World

Show Notes

When good tech meets well-trained, empowered employees, your business is more secure. This season, we’re exploring ways to elevate the strongest link in your security chain–people–through creative use of technology, process, and training. In today’s episode, our sandbox welcomes the return of Zscaler's director of solutions architecture, Thomas Quinlan, and Relativity’s global director of security and IT, Marcin Święty, for a spirited conversation on how to build employee trust in your security program at any time and from anywhere. How do you roll out an effective and empathetic zero trust program to your company that resonates with your global employee base? What are the common things security teams get wrong when implementing zero trust? What comes next? So, pull up a seat, grab a cup of caffeine, and, as Marcin might say, "don’t have the Płyta się zacięła" (the record get stuck).

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