Security Sandbox 4.28.22
Ep 14 | 4.28.22

Navigating New-Age Crisis Situations with a People-First Lens

Show Notes

When good tech meets well-trained, empowered employees, your business is more secure. This season, we’re exploring ways to elevate the strongest link in your security chain – people – through creative use of technology, process, and training. In today’s episode, our sandbox heads to the pressure chamber for a riveting conversation with Nicolas Reys, partner at Control Risks, who heads up their global cyber and online threat intelligence practice, and Relativity’s favorite security architect and recurring guest, Darian Lewis, on how to best navigate all of the cyber crisis craziness going on in our world. How does threat intel play a pivotal role in your crisis program? How can better usage of tech elevate the people and processes and in your current crisis management program? What new threats should your team prioritize? So, dust off your playbook, grab a Red Bull, and let’s dive in.