Security Sandbox 7.29.22
Ep 17 | 7.29.22

Perfecting the Automation Equation To Get The Most Out Of The People In Your Security Program

Show Notes

In today’s episode, our sandbox heads to the scripts for a simplified conversation with Louis Yeck, QLIK's CISO, and Hector Pena, Relativity's Senior Manager of Cybersecurity, on the delicate art of blending automation and analytics with the human expertise in your security program. Implemented correctly, your employees can focus on the hard challenges that level up your security program. Done incorrectly and it'll only lead to creating more problems and confusion. So, how do you leverage your people and process to best automate your tech? Where does human governance and oversight come into the equation? And is there ever an endpoint in the automation and analytics game? So, gather up your Pythons, your Javas, your C#s, and let's dive in.