Shadowspeak 9.14.20
Ep 2 | 9.14.20

Tricking or threating for cyber B-team!


The collected works of the Shadow Brokers, volume I.

Read by D.W. Bittner 


Tricking or threating for cyber B-team!


TheShadowBrokers is having special trick or treat 

for Amerikanskis tonight! 


But first questions.

Why is DirtyGrandpa threating CIA cyberwar with Russia? 

Why not threating with NSA or CyberCommand? 

CIA is cyber B-Team, yes? 

Where is cyber A-Team? 


Maybe threating is not being for external propaganda? 

Maybe is being for internal propaganda? 

Oldest control trick in book, yes? 

Waving flag, blaming problems on external sources, not taking responsibility for failures. 

But neverminding! 


Hacking DNC is way way most important than EquationGroup losing capabilities. 

Amerikanskis is not knowing USSA cyber capabilities is being screwed? 

Where is being “free press”? 

Is ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX negligent in duties of informing Amerikanskis? 


Guessing “Free Press” is not being “Free as in free beer” 

Or “Free as in free of government influence?