Shadowspeak 9.14.20
Ep 6 | 9.14.20

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The collected works of the Shadow Brokers, volume I.

Read by D.W. Bittner 


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Password equals payus

This is being equation group pitchimpair (redirector) keys, 

Many missions into your networks 

Is/was coming from these ip addresses. 


Is being unfortunate no peoples is already owning eqgrp_auction_file. 

Auction file is having tools for to making connect to these pitchimpairs. 

Maybe tools no more installed? 

Maybe is being cleaned up? 


To peoples is being owner of pitchimpair computers, 

Don’t be looking for files, 

Rootkit will self destruct. 

Be making cold forensic image. 


TheShadowBrokers is making special effort... 

Not to using foul language, bigotry, or making any funny. 

Be seeing if NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX is making stories about now? 

Maybe political hacks is being more important?


How bad do you want it to get? 

When you are ready to make the bleeding stop, 

Pay us, so we can move onto the next game. 

The game where you try to catch us cashing out! 


Swag us out!