Special Editions 12.30.16
Ep 11 | 12.30.16

Buying Cyber Security: A CyberWire Special Edition

Show Notes

Every day there seems to be a new security product on the market, with many of them claiming they provide something that you simply can’t live without. Companies appear and disappear, and businesses are faced with difficult, confusing, and often expensive choices. We talk to some key stakeholders to find out what drives their purchasing decisions, and what they wished their vendors knew before they came knocking on their doors.

Vilas Naralakattu is the technology manager for Pinnacle Advisory Group, a private wealth management firm with about fifty employees, and offices in Maryland and Florida. They’re an established, successful small business with substantial cyber security needs. 

Michael Singer is Executive Director for Technology Security at AT&T, the largest telecommunications company in the world. 

Emily Mossburg is a principal at Deloitte in their cyber risk services practice, and she leads their secure portfolio of offerings. In their role as consultants, her team provides expert advice to their clients on choosing cyber security solutions from a variety of vendors. 

Dr Emma Garrison Alexander is currently Vice Dean of Cybersecurity & Information Assurance at University of Maryland University College (UMUC), and prior to that she Served as Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Assistant Administrator for Information Technology (IT) for the (TSA) under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).