Special Editions 1.31.17
Ep 12 | 1.31.17

2017 Cyber Security Forecast: A CyberWire Special Edition

Show Notes

What are you expecting in 2017 when it comes to cyber security? There are sure to be attacks like we saw last year, ransomware and botnets, IoT vulnerabilities we just didn’t see coming. And what about all of those unfilled jobs? Can automation help fill the gap? Is the board room finally going to give cyber the attention it deserves? How will president Trump affect cyber policy?

We don’t have all the answers, but we’ve gathered up some industry experts to share their thoughts on what 2017 might bring.

  • Christopher Pierson is Chief Security officer and general council for ViewPost. 
  • Diana Kelley is an executive security advisor with IBM security. 
  • Dave Larson was Chief Operating Officer and CTO at Corero Network Security. He’s now with HP.
  • Simone Petrella is Chief Cyber Strategy Officer at CyberVista.
  • Dale Drew is Chief Security Office at Level Three Communications.
  • Sarah Sorcher is the deputy editor of Passcode, a section from The Christian Science Monitor that covers security and privacy in the Digital Age. 

Original music for this program was composed by Ben Hobby