Special Editions 8.1.17
Ep 17 | 8.1.17

Black Hat 2017 – Research and Investment: A CyberWire Special Edition

Show Notes

Black Hat 2017 has wrapped up, and by all accounts it was another successful conference, with an active trade show floor, exciting keynotes and engaging, informative educational sessions on a variety of topics. There was business being done, with hopeful entrepreneurs and investors alike looking to identify the next big thing in cyber security.  In this CyberWire special edition, we’ve rounded up a handful of presenters and one investor for a taste of Black Hat, to help give you a sense of the event.  

Patrick Wardle is Chief Security Researcher at Synack, and creator of objective-see, an online site where he publishes the personal tools he’s created to help protect Mac OS computers. He’ll be telling us about his research on the FruitFly malware recently discovered on Mac OS.  

Hyrum Anderson is technical director of data science at Endgame, he will discuss research he released on stage at Black Hat showing the pros and cons of using machine learning from both a defender and attacker perspective.  

Zack Allen, Manager of Threat Operations, and Chaim Sanders, Security Lead, of ZeroFOX will be speaking about their Black Hat presentation on finding regressions in web application firewall (WAF) deployments.  

And we’ll wrap it up with some insights from Alberto Yepez, founder and managing director of Trident Cybersecurity, on the investment environment and the changes he’s seen in the market in the last year.