Special Editions 10.9.17
Ep 19 | 10.9.17

GDPR: Privacy from Across the Pond - Special Edition

Show Notes

Following major breach revelations from Equifax, Yahoo!, Deloitte and the US Securities and Exchange commission, there have been many calls in the US for increased legislation and regulation that would force better privacy and identity management practices.

In this CyberWire special edition, we’ll ask some cyber security experts about GDPR, what it means for privacy and data use, the right to be forgotten, the penalties for noncompliance, and what it means for organizations outside the EU.

Joining us are Steve Durbin, Managing Director of the Information Security Forum,  a not-for-profit organization providing its members with guidance on cyber, information security and risk management, Brett Hansen, Vice President of data security solutions at Dell, one of the largest suppliers of computer hardware, software and services in the world, and Darron Gibbard, CTSO at Qualys, a global provider of cloud-based security and compliance solutions.