Special Editions 12.5.21
Ep 42 | 12.5.21

Rediscover trust in cybersecurity: A women in cybersecurity podcast.

Show Notes

It's important for employees to be brought into the fold as security's allies, rather than as its adversaries. For cybersecurity teams that operate with an adversarial mindset appropriate for external threats, it can be challenging to approach internal threats differently. You can't treat employees the same way you treat nation-state hackers. But employees play a pivotal role in preventing data leaks, making it important to create a company-wide culture of transparency. Transparency feeds trust, which builds a strong foundation for Security Awareness Training to be truly effective.

The CyberWire's Jennifer Eiben hosts this women in cybersecurity podcast. Kathleen Smith of ClearedJobs.Net moderates the panel. Panelists include Michelle Killian from Sponsor Code 42, Sam Humphries of Exabeam, and Masha Sedova of Elevate Security.