Special Editions 11.5.23
Ep 55 | 11.5.23

CyberCon 2023: A unique mix of critical infrastructure and cybersecurity.

Show Notes

As we progress in this technological age, both cybersecurity and critical infrastructure continue to be at the forefront of prevention, protection, mitigation, and recovery conversation topics. From a frontline worker to the top of the C-Suite, security is something we all should be aware of and concerned about. The CyberCon event began in 2018 and provides an opportunity to learn more about cybersecurity and critical infrastructure as well as collaborate with fellow security professionals. 

Dave Bittner recently spoke at CyberCon 2023 at Bismarck State College in North Dakota. While there, he had the opportunity to interview 4 members of the conference planning committee (all past or current chairs of the event) for a better understanding of the event, its focus on a mix of critical infrastructure and cybersecurity, and how the event has evolved over the years.

Dave speaks with:

  • Troy Walker, Director of Sales and Marketing at Dakota Carrier Network & 2023 conference chair, sharing the history of CyberCon its unique focus on critical infrastructure and cybersecurity.
  • Tony Aukland, Technology Outreach Manager for the State of North Dakota IT & previous conference chair, giving us the truth about CyberCon and its origin story.
  • Bill Heinzen, Information Security Team Lead at National Information Solutions Cooperative and previous event chair, talking about developing the cybersecurity candidate pool in North Dakota.
  • John Nagel, CEO and Founder of CYBERNET SECURITY and past event chair, discussing sustainability of the CyberCon and its critical infrastructure focus.