Special Editions 8.5.16
Ep 6 | 8.5.16

Black Hat - Cyber Security Trends and Investment

Show Notes

We begin this Black Hat special edition with a look at trends, and hear from some industry leaders and experts about what they’re seeing, and where they think cyber security is headed. Later in the show, some venture capital executives share their thoughts on what it takes to attract outside investment, and what cyber security companies can do to improve their odds of being funded.

Vitali Kremez works in Cybercrime Intelligence for Flashpoint, a company that monitors the deep and dark webs.

Lance Cottrell is Chief Scientist at Ntrepid, developers of secure virtual browser technology.

Leon Ward is senior director of product management at Threat Quotient, developers of threat intelligence platforms.

Hamilton Turner is senior director of research and engineering at Optio Labs, developers of mobile security architectures.

Bryan Glancey is CTO at Optio.

Vikram Phatak is CEO of NSS Labs, an IT security product testing lab.

Alberto Yépez is Co-founder and managing director at Trident Capital Cyber Security, a venture capital firm.

Bob Ackerman is founder and managing director of Alleges Capital, a seed and early stage venture capital firm.