Special Editions 4.12.24
Ep 60 | 4.12.24

Cyber Talent Insights: Navigating the landscape for enterprise organizations. (Part 1 of 3)

Show Notes

Join us for this special three-part series where the N2K Cyber Talent Insights team guides you through effective strategies to develop your cybersecurity team, helping you stay ahead in the constantly changing cybersecurity landscape. 

In the first episode of the series on cybersecurity workforce development, we dive into the complex world of cyber workforce management and planning, particularly as it pertains to the perspective of the enterprise.

We explore the current state of the cybersecurity workforce, navigate various challenges in talent acquisition, and explore the nuances of job classifications, titles, compensation, and the dynamics of remote, onsite, and hybrid work environments. 

Our experts further address talent development strategies like professional development, training, conferences, mentorship programs, communities of interest, and corporate cyber academies. 

Finally, we touch upon the critical aspect of talent retention, an essential component in closing the cybersecurity talent gap. We hope you will join us on this journey.

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