Special Editions 8.9.16
Ep 7 | 8.9.16

Black Hat, Part 2 - Trends and Insights from Industry Leaders

Show Notes

Throughout the course of the 2016 Black Hat conference we were on the floor, gathering insights from industry leaders on what trends they’re seeing, and where they think the industry is headed.

Steven Grossman is Vice President for program management at Bay Dynamics, a cyber risk analytics company.

John Dickson principal at Denim Group

Dan Cornell is CTO at Denim Group, a software security company.

Ryan Hohimer is CTO of Champion Technology, who’s Dark Light product they describe as a next-generation cybersecurity automation and orchestration platform.

Casey Corcoran is with FourV systems.

Derek Gabbard is President of FourV systems, where they specialize in quantifying risk and assessing defense effectiveness.

AJ Shipley VP of product management from LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, where they offer threat-intelligence driven cyber security solutions.