Special Editions 8.31.16
Ep 8 | 8.31.16

Fundraising and Cyber Startups

Show Notes

Whether your bootstrapping your business on your own, borrowing from friends and family or going for your series A venture capital round, raising capital is something most business owners have to deal with, sooner or later. We spoke with experienced business leaders in cyber security to find out what they did to fund their companies, lessons they learned, and what advice they’d give.

Mariano Nunez is CEO of Onapsis, where they specialize in securing SAP and Oracle enterprise applications..

Dario Forte is founder and CEO at DF Labs, where they focus on automated incident and breach response.

Robert Lord is co-founder and CEO of Protenus, where they provide automated patient privacy protection for hospitals and other health care institutions.

John Trauth is CEO/President and co-founder of Bricata, a company that provides intrusion prevention solutions for multi-location and high bandwidth deployments.

Danny Rogers is CEO of Terbium Labs. Their Matchlight product scours the web looking for clients’ stolen data, and does it in a way that doesn’t compromise the client’s confidentiality.

Paul Paget is CEO of PWNIE Express. They’re in the business of detecting rogue, misconfigured and unauthorized devices on and around your network, both wired and wireless.