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Known to be the podcast real spies listen to -(STOP)- eavesdrop on conversations with high level sources from around the world -(STOP)- spychiefs molehunters defectors covert operators analysts cyberwarriors and researchers debriefed by SPY Historian Hammond -(STOP) stories secrets tradecraft and technology discussed -(STOP)- HUMINT SIGINT OSINT IMINT GEOINT and more -(STOP)- rumored to be professional education internal communication and public information -(STOP)- entire back catalog available online for free -(STOP)- please investigate this claim with all possible haste -(STOP)- SPY Historian Hammond said to have a Scottish accent -(STOP)- is this a countermeasure or a hearts-and-minds campaign?


Recent Episodes

Ep 636 | 6.4.24

“Alan Turing: Codebreaker, Visionary, Enigma” – with Andrew Hodges

Andrew Hodges joins Andrew Hammond to discuss the life and work of Alan Turing. Andrew is an emeritus senior research fellow of mathematics at the University of Oxford.

Ep 635 | 5.28.24

“Zelensky, Ukraine & Intelligence” – with Simon Shuster

Simon Shuster joins Andrew to discuss President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Ukraine. Simon is a senior correspondent at TIME.

Ep 634 | 5.21.24

“The Real Ian Fleming” with Nicholas Shakespeare

Nicholas Shakespeare joins Andrew Hammond to discuss the life and legacy of Ian Fleming. Nicholas is an award-winning novelist and biographer.

Ep 633 | 5.14.24

“Codebreaking and Codemaking Down Under” – with John Blaxland and Clare Birgin

John Blaxland and Clare Birgin join Andrew Hammond to discuss Australian codebreaking. John and Clare are coauthors of the new book Revealing Secrets.

Ep 632 | 5.7.24

“James Foley: Journalist, ISIS Hostage, Son” – with His Mother Diane Foley

Diane Foley joins Andrew Hammond to discuss the legacy of her son, James Foley. James was held hostage and murdered by ISIS in 2014.

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Andrew Hammond
Erin Dietrick
Andrew Hammond, Ph.D. is Historian & Curator at the International Spy Museum, home of the world's preeminent collection of intelligence-related artifacts. Previous chapters have included seven years in the RAF, Public Humanities at the 9/11 Museum in NYC, Fellowships here, there, and everywhere, and academia. He is author of the forthcoming book: "Struggles for Freedom": Afghanistan & US Foreign Policy Since 1979. He loves bialys.
Erin Dietrick is the Programs & Podcast Assistant at the International Spy Museum. Erin is a Cleveland native and graduate of the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY, where she studied history. She also holds an MA in Museum Studies from the George Washington University. Erin is passionate about storytelling, inspiring critical thinking, and inciting joy through museum programming. She has a special place in her heart for music history and named her orange cat Ringo after Ringo Starr.
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