Threat Vector 2.22.24
Ep 16 | 2.22.24

Deep dive into the 2024 Incident Response Report with Unit 42's Michael "Siko" Sikorski

Show Notes

This episode of Threat Vector outlines a conversation between host David Moulton, Director of Thought Leadership at Palo Alto Networks Unit 42, and Michael "Siko" Sikorski, Unit 42's CTO and VP of Engineering, discussing the Unit 42's 2024 Incident Response Report. They provide insights into key cyber threats and trends including preferred attack vectors, the escalating use of AI by threat actors, software vulnerabilities, the concept of 'living off the land' attacks, and the importance of robust incident response strategies. They also address the rising trend of business disruption, supply chain attacks, and share recommendations for mitigating these cyber threats.


Read the 2024 Unit 42 Incident Response report.

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