Threat Vector 3.21.24
Ep 18 | 3.21.24

Public Meets Private: Forging the Future of Cyber Defense Unpacking Congressional Testimony from Sam Rubin

Show Notes

Join David Moulton, Director of Thought Leadership at Unit 42, as he hosts Sam Rubin, VP and Global Head of Operations at Unit 42, to discuss Sam's testimony to the US Congress on the multifaceted landscape of ransomware attacks, AI, and automation, the need for more cybersecurity education and more.

This episode digs into the sophistication and rapid evolution of cyber threats with insights drawn from real-world case studies, including stark revelations from sectors like healthcare and education. The conversation underscores the need for robust public-private partnerships in fortifying cybersecurity frameworks.

Listeners will gain a deeper understanding of the strategic shifts necessary to counteract the advanced tactics of today's cyber adversaries.

Read Sam Rubin's testimony.

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