Threat Vector 8.10.23
Ep 2 | 8.10.23

Exposing Muddled Libra's meticulous tactics with senior researcher Kristopher Russo

Show Notes

In this episode, we plunge into the realm of Muddled Libra, an enigmatic and calculated threat actor group that sets its sights on vital industries like telecommunications, technology, and software automation. Joined by Kristopher Russo, Senior Threat Researcher at Unit 42, we unveil the group's tactics, techniques, and strategies, offering a glimpse into their world of cyber espionage.

Kristopher's passion for combatting cybercriminals is evident as he shares insights into his journey, driven by a fascination with technology's dual nature – to empower and to destroy. Dive deep into the tactics that define Muddled Libra, as they exploit the 0ktapus phishing kit to craft believable authentication pages and manipulate victims through social engineering.

As the episode concludes, Kristopher offers actionable recommendations for safeguarding your environment, from user training to intelligent security automation. Be prepared to face the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats with knowledge and readiness.

Stay tuned for the second part of our exploration, where we'll delve further into defending against Muddled Libra with Stephanie Reagan, Senior Consultant, Unit 42. Until then, heed the wisdom shared in this episode – stay secure, stay vigilant, and venture forth armed with insight.

You can learn more about Muddled Libra at: where Kristopher was the lead author for the Threat Group Assessment: Muddled Libra.

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