Threat Vector 6.6.24
Ep 24 | 6.6.24

Beyond Compliance: Using Technology to Empower Privacy and Security with Daniel Rosenzweig

Show Notes

In this episode of Threat Vector, host David Moulton, Director of Thought Leadership at Unit 42, is joined by Data Privacy Attorney Daniel Rosenzweig. Together, they unravel the complexities of aligning data privacy and cybersecurity laws with technological advancements. Daniel shares his insights on the critical partnership between legal and tech teams, revealing how a deep understanding of both realms can empower businesses to navigate evolving legal frameworks, particularly in light of emerging AI technologies. Listeners will gain valuable perspectives on operationalizing legal requirements and the importance of proactive collaboration across teams for robust protection strategies. Tune in to discover actionable advice for maintaining compliance in the rapidly shifting cybersecurity landscape.


The information provided on this podcast is not intended to constitute legal advice. All information presented is for general informational purposes only. The information contained may not constitute the most update, legal or interpretative compliance guidance. Contact your own attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular legal matter.

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