Threat Vector 7.3.24
Ep 26 | 7.3.24

AI-Generated Cyber Threats

Show Notes

In this episode of Threat Vector, hosted by David Moulton, Director of Thought Leadership at Unit 42, we delve into the evolving world of AI-generated malware with our expert guests, Rem Dudas, Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst, and Bar Matalon, Threat Intelligence Team Lead. Together, they uncover the groundbreaking research and experiments their team has conducted on the capabilities of generative AI to create sophisticated malware. From exploring the vulnerabilities in AI models to discussing the potential implications for cybersecurity, this episode offers a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities posed by this emerging threat. Listeners will gain invaluable insights into how AI is reshaping the threat landscape and what measures can be taken to stay ahead in this dynamic field.

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