Threat Vector 8.24.23
Ep 3 | 8.24.23

Exposing Muddled Libra's meticulous tactics with Incident Responder Stephanie Regan

Show Notes

In this episode, join host David Moulton as he speaks with Stephanie Regan, a senior consultant at Unit 42. Stephanie, with a background in law enforcement, specializes in compromise assessment and incident response. Discover her insights into combating the Muddled Libra threat group and similar adversaries.

Stephanie highlights the crucial role of reconnaissance in investigations and the importance of strong multi-factor authentication (MFA) to counter phishing and social engineering attacks. She delves into techniques like domain typo squatting and shares how domain monitoring can thwart attackers.

Learn how Unit 42 assists clients in recovering from attacks, especially those by Muddled Libra. Stephanie emphasizes rapid response and coordination, including using out-of-band communications to outmaneuver threat actors.

You can learn more about Muddled Libra at: where Kristopher was the lead author for the Threat Group Assessment: Muddled Libra.

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