Threat Vector 9.21.23
Ep 5 | 9.21.23

From Nation States to Cybercriminals: AI's Influence on Attacks with Wendi Whitmore

Show Notes

In this conversation, David Moulton from Unit 42 discusses the evolving threat landscape with Wendi Whitmore, SVP of Unit 42. Wendi highlights the increasing scale, sophistication, and speed of cyberattacks, with examples like the recent Clop ransomware incident, and emphasizes that attackers, including nation-state actors and cybercriminals, are leveraging AI, particularly generative AI, to operate faster and more effectively, especially in social engineering tactics.

To protect against these threats, businesses must focus on speed of response, automated integration of security tools, and operationalized capabilities and processes. The conversation underscores the importance of staying vigilant and leveraging technology to defend against the rapidly changing threat landscape.

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