Uncovering Hidden Risks 3.20.24
Ep 16 | 3.20.24

Securing the Digital Frontier: Global Regulatory Readiness with Microsoft

Show Notes

Beau Faull, Technology Specialist at Microsoft and Asia Security Strategy Leader, Dmitry Butko,  join guest host Manny Sahota on this week's episode of Uncovering Hidden Risks. Today's episode sets the stage for a detailed exploration of regulatory challenges, cybersecurity trends, and Microsoft's approach to ensuring regulatory readiness in the digital landscape. Beau discusses Australian and global regulations, emphasizing the need to meet industry standards like GDPR and the Essential 8, while Dmitry expresses excitement about the increasing focus on regulatory compliance. The discussion highlights the complexities of balancing technology solutions with regulatory compliance, the importance of responsible data management practices, and the evolving culture of cybersecurity within organizations. 

In This Episode You Will Learn:      

  • The vital role of general counsel in tech solutions and compliance decisions
  • Misconception surrounding AI's role in surfacing security issues within organizations 
  • The importance of aligning technology solutions with regulatory requirements 

Some Questions We Ask:      

  • How Microsoft integrates security in product development? 
  • What are some global cybersecurity trends, particularly in regions like Australia? 
  • How does Microsoft Copilot ensure global regulatory compliance? 


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