Uncovering Hidden Risks 5.29.24
Ep 18 | 5.29.24

Navigating Multicloud Security Risks: A Customer Story

Show Notes

Christian Koberg Pineda, Principal Security DevOps Engineer, Cloud Security & Innovation, Falabella joins Erica Toelle and guest host Bojan Magusic, on this week's episode of Uncovering Hidden Risks. In today's episode Erica, Christian and Bojan explore the complexities of managing security across multiple cloud platforms, highlighting the importance of standardization and centralized management. They also cover some of the challenges in identity management, securing cloud-native applications, and the evolving role of AI in both enhancing and threatening cloud security. Christian and Bojan share with Erica the need for innovative, adaptable approaches to stay ahead in the rapidly changing cloud security landscape.  

In This Episode You Will Learn:       

  • Importance of standardization and centralization for security solutions 
  • Centralizing identity management to handle multiple identity providers 
  • Implementing security checks in development pipelines to detect vulnerabilities 

Some Questions We Ask:     

  • What should organizations consider when standardizing CSPM across multiple clouds? 
  • How can organizations defend against next-gen AI attacks on cloud infrastructure? 
  • What future factors will impact securing multi-cloud environments? 


Download the “2024 State of Multicloud Security Report" today to identify your greatest risks and learn actionable strategies for strengthening multicloud security. 


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