Cooperation for security in the face of a determined adversary.
US Army Lieutenant General Nakasone describes the rapid growth and future plans of US Army Cyber Command. He opened the 2nd annual Billington International Cybersecurity Summit. Nathan Mitchell/Billington CyberSecurity
By The CyberWire Staff
Mar 31, 2017

Cooperation for security in the face of a determined adversary.

The second annual Billington International Cybersecurity Summit took an informed look at the state of conflict, vulnerability, and security in cyberspace. The summit opened with a keynote by Lieutenant General Paul Nakasone, Commander of US Army Cyber Command, who looked at his command's rapid growth and growing capabilities. it ended with a keynote by Greg Touhill, the first US Federal CISO, who reviewed the lessons he'd learned in his years of public service. In between these two addresses the conference heard from experts on IoT security, from IARPA's Director (who outlined his agency's research interests), from an international panel on protective cooperation, and from a group of influential CISOs who offered a concise account of the best practices they've evolved over their careers.

Some of the trends that defenders must grapple with include the rise of nation-state conflict in cyberspace, the dramatic expansion of attack surfaces that the pervasive Internet-of-things presents, the gaps in current US security policy, and the realities of international cooperation for defense.