Trends in cloud protection.
N2K logoNov 4, 2022

Veeam released a report yesterday detailing trends in cloud security.

Trends in cloud protection.

Veeam has released its 2023 Cloud Protection Trends Report yesterday, detailing 1,700 IT leaders’ use of cloud services in production and protection scenarios.


According to earlier research, about half of all production server workloads are cloud-hosted, and 30% of cloud workloads were created in the cloud, rather than being migrated from datacenters. 98% of organizations were found to use cloud-hosted infrastructure as part of their data protection strategy. 88% of enterprises have moved cloud-hosted work back to datacenters or other clouds. 63% of backups are being done by backup teams, as opposed to cloud-based admins.

Platform as-a-Service.

63% of companies are running file services within VMs that are running in Amazon/Azure, while 50% are running file shares natively from those clouds. 61% of organizations run databases within VMs running in Azure/Amazon, and about 40% are running either AzureSQL, Amazon RDS, or others. 34% of enterprises do not back up their cloud-hosted file shares, and 15% are not backing up their cloud-hosted databases.

Software as-a-Service.

11% of companies don’t back up their Microsoft 365 data, relying on “undo” and the recycling bin. The other 89% use either third-party backups or enhanced tiers of Microsoft 365. 61% of backups are performed by backup specialists, as opposed to 39% of Microsoft 365 admins.

Backup/Disaster Recovery as-a-Service.

Managed backup, or Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS), is used by 58% of enterprises utilizing IaaS/SaaS in production, versus 42% using self-managed cloud storage. Only 30% of organizations chose either BaaS or cloud storage at the beginning and stuck with it, as opposed to 70% choosing and switching later. 48% started with self-managed cloud storage and switched to BaaS, whereas 22% did the opposite. Almost half of organizations say that they plan to handle backups themselves, which is a decrease from 63% last year.