Risks and opportunities in telecom’s shift to cloud.
N2K logoDec 1, 2022

Moody’s released a report yesterday detailing the risks and opportunities associated with cloud adoption in the telecom sector.

Risks and opportunities in telecom’s shift to cloud.

Moody’s Investors Service released a report detailing the security implications of the cloud for the telecommunications sector.

Cybersecurity efforts are increasing.

The telecommunications industry was assessed to have a High risk categorization for cyber risk. However, the sector has been found to be more dedicated to cybersecurity, ensuring that human resources and funding is available. Telecommunications operators enable broadband internet access and communications, so they are vital to the digital economy. Zero trust frameworks are increasingly being implemented within the industry to increase security.

Changes in telecom networks.

As wireline telecoms have been phased out and virtual, software-based networks take hold, providing higher quality, speed, and availability, there is an increase in vulnerability. The shift to 5G wireless networks has allowed for lower latency and more connected devices, but the sheer amount of data passing through these networks will require increased monitoring and control. Legacy solutions to cybersecurity, such as firewalls, are anticipated to be phased out as their efficacy wanes in these new, multi-network systems.

How telecom can help new security platforms.

Security-related spending has been found to be the fastest growing software sector for the past few years. New cloud-based security providers are increasingly providing more tech that isn’t reliant on legacy infrastructure. Latency and data transfers are important, and the role the telecom industry plays in providing important parts of the network may enable them to partner with security and cloud providers to make sure the new security tools are well-integrated.