NIST offers guidance on remote work.
N2K logoMar 26, 2020

News for the cybersecurity community during the COVID-19 emergency: Thursday, March 26th, 2020. Daily updates on how the pandemic is affecting the cybersecurity sector.

NIST offers guidance on remote work.

NIST offers advice on telework.

NIST has used its March ITL Bulletin to offer some timely advice about secure teleworking. The advice is pitched to enterprise IT organizations, not individual users. Microsoft's Roger Halbheer blogs a useful compendium of advice for smaller organizations and individuals. IoT World Today has thoughts on crisis management. And Brian Krebs points out that a lot of US Government sites aren't setting the best example with respect to communicating an informed understanding of security—as is so often the case, the large print giveth and the small print taketh away.

Miscellaneous effects on the IT sector.

If you're a security professional with some enforced time at home on your hands, here's something to consider: the SANS Institute has a large number of online, "no-travel" courses available for professional development and certification.

Slack's CEO has shared an interesting Twitter thread in which he outlines how COVID-19 and the measures taken to control it have affected his company through the month of March.

The CyberWire intends to keep publishing on schedule during the coronavirus emergency. Stay healthy and, as always, stay in touch. (Virtually, not physically.)