Application security risks.
N2K logoJan 31, 2023

Most respondents believe speed of innovation can lead to a lack of security.

Application security risks.

Cisco AppDynamics has published a report looking at the increase in application security risks over the past several years.

Rapid implementation of new technologies.

The survey found that “89% of technologists report that their organization has experienced an expansion in its attack surfaces over the last two years, and 46% state that this is already presenting increasing challenges.” Most respondents believe the main reason for this increase is the rapid adoption of IoT devices, the cloud, and hybrid work. 

Additionally, 92% of respondents “admit that the rush to rapidly innovate and respond to the changing needs of customers and users during the pandemic has come at the expense of robust application security during software development.”

DevSecOps as a solution.

The researchers maintain that implementing a DevSecOps strategy is essential to maintain application security:

“DevSecOps is achieved through both security automation, which integrates security gates throughout development without slowing down the process, as well as a strategic and cultural shift ensuring that teams integrate security into each phase of the development process.”