A look at resilience: companies' ability to fight off cyberattacks.
N2K logoMar 21, 2023

Cisco this morning released its Cybersecurity Readiness Index, detailing the effectiveness of cybersecurity implementations against different threat vectors.

A look at resilience: companies' ability to fight off cyberattacks.

In its Cybersecurity Readiness Index, released today, Cisco sheds light on organizations’ ability to safeguarde against cyber threats. The results suggest that an alarming number of companies are not at a strong enough, level of protection against threats posited in cyber security today.

Key findings of the Cybersecurity Readiness Index.

The research found that only 15% of global organizations have what is defined as a “Mature” level of readiness, meaning that they have implementations in place that are strong enough to defend against current cyber threats. 82% of the survey’s respondents report expectations of a cybersecurity incident against their company in the next 1 to 2 years. Those surveyed also report bearing high costs due to underpreparedness, with 41% of organizations that reported an incident in the last year disclosing costs of at least $500,000.

How organizations can move forward with this cybersecurity knowledge.

Some good that comes from this somewhat troubling report is that a majority of respondents (86%) shared intentions to increase security budgets by at least 10% over the coming year. Cisco researchers also share that reduced complexity and higher implementation of integrated platforms will lead to more successful and effective security resilience and preparedness. It is also important for company leadership to take stock of both strengths and weaknesses within their defenses, and develop a plan to build around the weaknesses.