CISO of Aviatrix joins the CyberWire’s Hash Table panel of distinguished cybersecurity experts.
N2K logoJul 26, 2022

CISO of Aviatrix joins the CyberWire’s Hash Table panel of distinguished cybersecurity experts.

The CyberWire today announced the appointment of Jennifer Reed to the CyberWire Pro Hash Table. Reed, the Chief Information Security Officer at Aviatrix, joins CyberWire's influential panel of industry leaders with distinguished security engineering and cloud expertise that spans four decades of service.

Chaired by Rick Howard, the CyberWire's CSO, Chief Analyst, and Senior Fellow, the Hash Table is a prominent group of cybersecurity leaders, executives, and technologists who lend their expert commentary, perspectives, and unique insights to CyberWire's many programs. Audience members can hear from these insightful minds on shows like CSO Perspectives, the flagship CyberWire Daily podcast, live during CyberWire's quarterly analyst call, and in written articles and more.

"Jenn is one of those rare wizards in our community who worked her way up from hands-on-keyboard sysadmin all the way to senior executive," shared Rick Howard, CyberWire's CSO, "She’s a total lead-from-the-front Marine who has seen every side of our industry from engineering and program administration to product management and cloud solutions. I'm thrilled that we get to learn from her and her work at Aviatrix."

Reed got her start in cybersecurity as a Sergeant in the US Marine Corps. She has held senior roles at D3Clarity, IBM, Novetta, Merrill Lynch, and BAE Systems. She joins the Hash Table as an expert in systems engineering, security product management, and cloud security architectures.

Hash Table membership is by invitation of the CyberWire. A list of current Hash Table members can be found here.

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