N2K Networks launches Learning Layer, the newest segment on the CyberWire Daily podcast.
N2K logoAug 16, 2023

N2K Networks launches Learning Layer, the newest segment on the CyberWire Daily podcast.

FULTON, Md., August 16, 2023 N2K Networks, previously CyberVista and The CyberWire, announced today the launch of their new monthly podcast learning segment, Learning Layer, on the CyberWire Daily podcast. The new segment will feature insights from Sam Meisenberg, N2K’s Director of Product Experience. By adding Learning Layer to the industry’s leading daily cybersecurity podcast, N2K will share their news to knowledge approach with audiences imparting strategic workforce intelligence. 

Learning Layer is a deep dive into the learning side of N2K. This podcast segment helps cybersecurity practitioners and leaders keep pace in a constantly changing field that requires learning new knowledge and skills. Learning Layer will help practitioners learn how to learn, covering everything from how to improve technical skills, to certification exam prep, to brain science. These short, bite-sized segments will always leave you with tangible tips to help you retain more information, learn faster, and perform better on skill and knowledge-based assessments.

"Learning is not innate but an improvable skill. You can train your brain to make you a better learner-- to retain more information, to learn faster, and perform better on assessments." said Sam Meisenberg. Catch Learning Layer on the third Wednesday of each month. 

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The news to knowledge network is how you succeed in a rapidly changing world. Our flagship brands include CyberWire, the world's leading B2B cybersecurity audio network, and CyberVista, an industry leader in data-driven cybersecurity training. As industries rapidly change, we help professionals and enterprises succeed by getting them up the knowledge curve fast and keeping them there. Our business is to ensure you stay in the know through the continuous spectrum of news to knowledge.

N2K’s Cyber Talent Insights, as part of our Strategic Workforce Intelligence solution, takes the lift on analyzing and upgrading your people strategy. Using robust workforce data analysis, we can help surface gaps in your current workforce capabilities and structures so you can determine where and how to effectively build, buy, or borrow talent. We also use these insights to offer data-backed training recommendations to continuously upskill talent. Our Cyber Talent Development library provides comprehensive role-based and certification courses, assessments, podcasts, industry briefings, and more. Learn more at www.n2k.com.

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