Cybersecurity Workforce Study released.
N2K logoOct 20, 2022

(ISC)² has released a study detailing the current state of the workforce in cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Workforce Study released.

(ISC)² has released its 2022 Cybersecurity Workforce Study. The study shows that the cybersecurity workforce globally is at an all-time high with an estimated 4.7 million professionals in the field, but data shows that 3.4 million more workers are needed in the field to be effective.

Corporate culture and the cyber labor market.

Three quarters of respondents reported strong job satisfaction and feeling passionate about their work, but 70% of respondents report feeling overworked. 68% of employees that had low experience ratings have said that the culture affects their effectiveness in security incident response. Over half of workers also reported that they would switch jobs if remote no longer is an option.

Diversity in the cybersecurity workplace.

The study reports that 55% of employees expect to see an increase in diversity in their company within the next two years. Nearly a quarter of respondents under age 30 see gatekeeping and generational tensions as top challenges, as compared to the 60+ age group, where only 6% saw these as major issues. 30% of female and 18% of non-white employees report feeling discrimination at work, and only 40% of respondents reported that there was already diversity training in place at their workplace.

A look ahead at cyber workforce development.

Reportedly, 64% of respondents seek out new certifications in order to grow their skills and stay current with trends in cybersecurity. 20% of respondents say that they believe that their company would raise the security budget following a breach, but only 16% say that the funding would go to more staffing. 61% of cyber professionals surveyed are concerned primarily with risks in newer technologies.