Panel on hidden figures of cyber skills gap added to CyberWire’s Annual Women in Cybersecurity Reception.
N2K logoOct 11, 2022

Panel on hidden figures of cyber skills gap added to CyberWire’s Annual Women in Cybersecurity Reception.

CyberWire, announced today the addition of a new industry-led workforce panel discussion to kick off its annual Women in Cybersecurity Reception titled, “The Hidden Impact of Cybersecurity’s Talent Gap on the Cyber-Enabled Community.” The panel will be moderated by CyberVista, a leading cybersecurity training and workforce development company. Industry experts from MindPoint Group, Northrop Grumman, Bits N’ Bytes, and Alston & Bird will lend their perspectives to the panel. The reception will be held on Thursday, October 20, 2022 at the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C., and the panel discussion will begin at 5pm E.T. with the popular networking reception following at 6pm.

The widely reported cybersecurity talent shortage is undeniable, but it also extends further than the oft cited supply demand gap. There’s an overlooked, yet vital, group of cyber-enabled professionals whose role requires a similar understanding of cybersecurity concepts and lexicon, but isn’t usually included in discussions around the cybersecurity skills gap.   

“Every year the Women in Cybersecurity Reception unites women from all facets of the industry to create opportunities to share our successes and contributions to cybersecurity,” said Simone Petrella, CEO and Co-Founder, CyberVista. “This year, we’ve assembled a panel of women who bring unique perspectives from their roles supporting the cybersecurity industry to share their experiences and challenges breaking into cybersecurity, the importance of bringing more diverse voices into the industry, and where there are opportunities to address the current talent and gender gap.” 

The panel discussion will include: Simone Petrella, CEO and Co-Founder at CyberVista, as the session Moderator.

  • Patti Chanthaphone, President of MindPoint Group
  • Kyla Guru, Founder and CEO at Bits N’ Bytes Cybersecurity Education
  • Amy Mushahwar, Partner on the Privacy, Cyber & Data Strategy team at Alston & Bird
  • Jennifer Walsmith, Corporate Vice President, Cyber & Information Solutions, Northrop Grumman

The Women in Cybersecurity Reception brings women together from around the nation to celebrate their successes and contributions to the cybersecurity industry. Visit the event website to learn more and to request an invitation to attend. 

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