Quantum computing perspectives.
N2K logoSep 20, 2022

Organizations prepare for quantum computing.

Quantum computing perspectives.

Deloitte has published the results of a survey on awareness of cybersecurity risks related to quantum computing. The survey found that just over half (50.2%) of respondents are aware of “harvest now, decrypt later” attacks. These attacks involve stealing encrypted data and storing it until a quantum computer is developed that can break the encryption.

26.6% of respondents said their organization has already conducted a risk assessment on quantum computing risks, while 18.4% plan to conduct an assessment within one year.

Additionally, 27.7% of respondents said their organization would be most likely to address quantum risks following regulatory pressure, while 20.7% cited leadership demand within the organization “to enable the cryptographic agility which can address the algorithms made obsolete by quantum computing.”

The risk of "harvest now, decrypt later" attacks.

Colin Soutar, US quantum cyber readiness leader and Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory managing director, said in a statement, “It’s encouraging to see that so many of the organizations with quantum computing awareness are similarly aware of the security implications that the emerging technology presents. But, it’s important to note that ‘harvest now, decrypt later’ attacks are something all organizations — whether or not they’re considering leveraging quantum computing — stand to face in a post-quantum world. As quantum awareness grows within boardrooms, C-suites and security teams, we’re hopeful that organizations’ efforts to prepare for post-quantum cyber risk management will grow as well.”