SINET Showcase 2016: Innovation and Those Who Sustain It
Robert Rodriguez, SINET founder, opens the 2016 SINET Showcase. CyberWire
N2K logoNov 2, 2016

SINET Showcase 2016: Innovation and Those Who Sustain It

The SINET Showcase is an annual discussion of cyber security innovation by the companies who deliver it, and also by the investors and customers who prompt and sustain it.

2016's SINET Showcase began on Wednesday, November 2, with workshops addressing:

  • Can blockchain be trusted both technologically and operationally, and will it ever mature from the experimentation phase?
  • DIUX, DHS S&T and other tech accelerators that are advancing innovation into the public and private sectors.
  • Deep network orchestration and visibility—you can't secure what you can't see.
  • How to enter, understand, and increase revenues within the Federal market.
  • Integration SINET 16 innovators into your infrastructure.
  • Orchestration and automation: how far can we go?
  • The near future of technology: what the enterprise CISO needs to know.
  • Privilege access intelligence: leveraging user behavior analytics.

The second day was devoted to plenary sessions that featured discussions with industry CISOs, cyber security CEOs, Government officials, senior military officers, and investors. There were some particularly interesting remarks on the state and prospects of information sharing, and on the context within which cyber ROI should be understood.

And, of course, the highlight of the day was the introduction of this year's class of the SINET 16. This award program has a solid track record of identifying innovation and picking winners from among the hundreds of start-ups operating in many countries around the world. Here's the class of 2016; congratulations to them all:

  • Blackridge Technology
  • Contrast Security
  • CyberX
  • DataVisor
  • Digital Shadows
  • Interset
  • Menlo Security
  • Passages
  • PhantomCyber
  • Post-Quantum
  • Prelert
  • Protectwise
  • Risksense
  • SafeBreach
  • ThreatQuotient
  • Vera