Building resilience.
N2K logoMar 28, 2023

Immersive Labs today released a report detailing the perspectives of cybersecurity decision makers on their organizations’ current cyber resilience capabilities.

Building resilience.

Immersive Labs this morning released their study, “Cyber Leaders Need A More Effective Approach to Building and Proving Resilience”, conducted by Forrester. The study surveys decision makers in cybersecurity about the state of their organization’s cyber resilience.

Key findings on cyber resilience.

The research found that 82% of respondents believe they could have mitigated some or all of the damage of the most significant cyber incidents they sustained if they had been better prepared. Senior leadership is also putting pressure on cyber teams, as 84% of respondents feel increasing pressure to be prepared for impending cyber attacks. 72% of those surveyed say that they agree that the threat landscape has become more challenging. Only 32% of respondents believe that there actually is an implementable strategy for cyber resilience within their organization.


The report says that staffing shortages abound, with 83% of respondents believing that their cyber team is understaffed, and 94% having “at least one talent management challenge within the cybersecurity team.” The researchers recommend a reevaluation of hiring practices to get higher-potential hires. Over half (64%) of those surveyed believe that there needs to be more to cybersecurity training than traditional methods, with the study recommending investments in “people-centric,” live simulation approaches to cyber resilience.