Trojans being spread through scanners.
the cyberwire logoOct 27, 2022

In a report released today, Avanan details an attack in which a Trojan is being spread through scanners.

Trojans being spread through scanners.

Scanners are being used to send Trojans, Avanan says in a report released today. Discussed in the report are the attack itself, the techniques, and the best practices recommended by Avanan.

The attack.

The hackers are using spoofed scanner notification emails to send malicious files. The example email was titled “Commission Receipt” and may attract people to click as they think they are getting a paycheck. Check Point research identified the attachment and verified that there is a Trojan. The file, if clicked, would attempt to take over the end-user’s computer.

The techniques.

The malicious email uses titles that are attractive, such as “Commission Receipt,” to attract new victims. The email may appear benign, but bypassing the sender address to look at the attachment is possible, and could result in malware for the victim. The report emphasizes scanning attachments for malware just to be safe.

The best practices.

Avanan cautions users to always check the address of the sender when receiving an email. The researchers also implore everyone to be cautious with .HTM files, as they can be used to send malicious content. They also advise asking the original sender if you’re unsure about an email.