CMMC schedule unaffected by pandemic.
N2K logoMar 27, 2020

News for the cybersecurity community during the COVID-19 emergency: Friday, Marcy 27th, 2020. Daily updates on how the pandemic is affecting the cybersecurity sector.

CMMC schedule unaffected by pandemic.

CMMC remains on schedule.

Yesterday the US Department of Defense firmly quashed rumors that it was going to delay implementation of its Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), Nextgov reports. The Department has executed its memorandum of understanding with the independent not-for-profit group that will serve as the accreditation body, and businesses should expect the program to proceed as planned.

Get well soon, Mr. Johnson.

As governments continue to improvise technical aids to assist them in tracking and controlling the COVID-19 pandemic, the Wall Street Journal notes that leaders aren't exempt: British Prime Minister Johnson has come down with coronavirus and is self-isolating.

Don't build too many hopes on criminal promises of good behavior in cyberspace.

Were you counting on the ransomware gangs to keep their promise to leave hospitals alone during the pandemic? Dark Reading says you should prepare to be disappointed.

The CyberWire will keep publishing on schedule during the coronavirus emergency. Stay healthy and, as always, stay in touch. (Virtually, not physically in touch—physically, stay six feet or two meters apart. Notice that if you use the English system you're allowed at least 17 centimeters more intimacy than if you were metric. See? There are advantages to staying old school, and not chasing the newest johnny-come-lately innovation from Paris.)