An early look at predicted 2023 tech trends.
N2K logoNov 8, 2022

Info-Tech Research Group discusses several different tech trends expected to be important in 2023 in a report released this morning.

An early look at predicted 2023 tech trends.

This morning, Info-Tech Research Group released their 2023 Tech Trends Report, detailing and analyzing seven different technological trends that are important in 2023, broken down into two categories: attack new opportunities and protect from volatility.

Attack new opportunities.

The first four trends in the report are centered around attacking new opportunities and include the metaverse, generative AI, industry-led data models, and sustained digital processes. An interesting point found by researchers is that most businesses plan on utilizing AI for business analytics or intelligence, as well as automating repetitive and low-level tasks by the end of 2023, with 65% and 63% of respondents reporting each, respectively.

Protect from volatility.

The last three trends encompass ESG analytics and reporting, zero trust security, and recession preparation. Researchers found that the industry as a whole seems to be turning to zero trust networks to defend against threats. Major concerns of the responding IT professionals were centered around talent shortages leading to capacity constraints (54% reported as a concern), and a lack of awareness by executive leadership around cyber risk (46% reported as a concern).