The CyberWire collaborates with Microsoft Canada to accelerate cybersecurity education and awareness missions.
N2K logoMar 16, 2021

The CyberWire collaborates with Microsoft Canada to accelerate cybersecurity education and awareness missions.

FULTON, Md., March 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The CyberWire announced today that Microsoft Canada has joined its distinguished academic, research, and industry partner program, focused on accelerating cybersecurity education and awareness around the world. Experts from the Microsoft security team will regularly join the CyberWire on its popular daily podcast as well as on CSO Perspectives, a new podcast recently added to the CyberWire Pro lineup. These podcasts provide insights and analysis organizations need to keep their security programs at the leading edge of the field, stay informed about the continually evolving threat landscape, and keep abreast of the latest business and technology trends. 

"The Microsoft Security team is one of the great pillars of our industry, and we're excited to be partnering with them," said Peter Kilpe, the CyberWire's CEO and Executive Editor. "Lending their extraordinary expertise and experience to our programs will benefit our audience immensely, whether they are students looking to enhance their skills, operators or analysts, or executives in the C-suite."

The cloud era has fundamentally changed the way businesses must think about security, regardless of industry. Microsoft is uniquely positioned to help empower IT to unlock security capabilities of the intelligent cloud, from running security operations, building enterprise-class technology, to driving partnerships for a heterogenous world. 

"My team and I are pleased by the opportunity to share our perspective and the importance of security in today's digital world with the CyberWire and Cyber Pro audiences on a regular basis," said Kevin Magee, Chief Security and Compliance Officer, Microsoft Canada. "At Microsoft, we are committed to educating and supporting organizations on their security journeys, and this collaboration will allow us to continue that mission more broadly." 

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