A look at IoT/ICS threats.
N2K logoJan 18, 2023

Railway tech providers and steel producers are among recent victims of cyberattack.

A look at IoT/ICS threats.

Nozomi Networks has released its OT/IoT Security Report for the second half of 2022, highlighting disruptive attacks against the transportation and manufacturing industries.

Railway technology provider hit by data breach.

The researchers describe a cyberattack that hit rail technology manufacturer Continental in November. The attackers stole more than forty terabytes of data, which they threatened to publish on the dark web unless the company paid a $50 million ransom. Continental refused to pay the ransom, stating that “it would only help fund continued attacks on the security of critical infrastructure such as utilities and hospitals, educational institutions and the economy.”

Nozomi notes that “attacks against rail systems have been growing in frequency, making this sector an attractive target to all threat actor types at play (i.e. nation-state, hacktivists, cybercriminals).”

Iranian steel companies hit by wiper attacks.

Nozomi also outlines wiper attacks against three Iranian steel companies: the Mobarakeh Steel Company, (MSC), Khouzestan Steel Company (KSC) and Hormozgan Steel Company (HOSCO). These attacks were claimed by the hacktivist group Gonjeshke Darandehat (also known as Predatory Sparrow), though the BBC cites experts who suspect the attacks may have been carried out by a state-sponsored actor.