SINET 16 2013.
N2K logoDec 4, 2013

SINET 16 2013.

December 4: bringing innovation from Silicon Valley to DC.

SINET's 2013 Innovation Showcase opens today in Washington, DC. We'll report breaking news from this conference as well as interviews with some of the participants. Today is devoted to workshops; tomorrow will feature presentations and exhibits by the 2013 SINET 16 innovators.

Today's topics will include: Department of Defense (DoD) Science and Technology (S&T) Priorities; Bringing Silicon Valley Innovation to Washington DC; Cybersecurity Risk Insurance – The Way Ahead; Cyber Global Security Business Opportunities, Post [USG surveillance] Disclosures; Department of Homeland Security, Science & Technology Directorate; Conducting Business with the Federal Government and the System Integration Community: What Works - What Doesn't; Software Testing Tools: Where We Are Today and Where are Going; and How to Receive Third Party Accreditation in Accordance with FedRAMP.

December 5: SINET 16 presentations.

The SINET 16 present their innovations during today's sessions. See the links in the daily issue for accounts of the winners. Yesterday's discussions prompted much positive interaction among government and industry representatives, particularly given the Showcase's record attendance. We're talking with some of the key participants: watch for the interviews in upoming issues of the CyberWire.

December 6: venture capital and bringing order from chaos.

The 2013 SINET Showcase wrapped up yesterday with presentations by industry and government experts. We were able to speak with one of those experts— Robert R. Ackerman, Jr.— shortly before his SINET Showcase panel on "Bringing Order out of Chaos." The full interview is available on our site. We'll continue follow-up coverage of SINET with more interviews next week.